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Jika kamu nyariin kunci chord gitar untuk lagu As It Comes, kamu berada di halaman yang tepat.
Kamu bisa mainin As It Comes yang dinyanyiin oleh Fran Healy pake gitar yang kamu suka.

Chord lagu As It Comes punya ritme dan masuk dalam album Wreckorder (2010).
Di website ini, kamu juga bisa dapetin chord lain, seperti chord lagu jazz, chord lagu country, pop, rock, dll.

Kunci Gitar As It Comes oleh Fran Healy

Hey guys, this is a real good song with amazing bass. Here is its acoustic version. It’s
my first tabs, figured it out by seeing Fran playing live.. Enjoy!!

Capo on 3rd Fret
(I play everything without muting low strings)


We used to look at each other
But now now we look at the past
We used to go out for dinner
And feed the ducks in the park
You say that i could be thinner
I say retract that remark
And I’m loving you each day as it comes

I’ll never let you be lonely
As long as you’re by my side
You say you’d leave me if only
Another tear in the eye
Another funeral parlor
I’ll have to get a new tie
And I’m loving you each day as it comes

Time has come
Time has come and gone
And all i’ve done comes undone
Done Da Da Done

And so on..

As I lie here beside you
With jack frost in the air
You look like an angel
With that net in your hair
I kiss you so softly
But you’re no longer there
Now I’m taking every day as it comes


Jika kamu pingin belajar mainin lagunya Fran Healy, termasuk chord gitar As It Comes.
Kamu bisa belajar dengan mengikuti kursus, masuk sekolah musik, datengin guru untuk les privat bahkan bisa juga dengan cara otodidak.
Untuk dasarnya kamu bisa belajar C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. Selain kunci tadi, nanti bisa dimodif dikit.

Jangan lupa selalu latihan untuk mainin gitar lagu As It Comes. Awal-awal mungkin susah, semoga setelah terbiasa, nanti kamu bisa menguasai semua lagu Fran Healy

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