Chord Gitar Life of a Poor Boy – Stonewall Jackson

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Jika kamu nyariin kunci chord gitar untuk lagu Life of a Poor Boy, kamu berada di halaman yang tepat.
Kamu bisa mainin Life of a Poor Boy yang dinyanyiin oleh Stonewall Jackson pake gitar yang kamu suka.

Chord lagu Life of a Poor Boy punya ritme dan masuk dalam album American Originals (1989).
Di website ini, kamu juga bisa dapetin chord lain, seperti chord lagu jazz, chord lagu country, pop, rock, dll.

Kunci Gitar Life of a Poor Boy oleh Stonewall Jackson

Key A

Intro: A – D – E7 – A – A

When I Was Just A Youngster And Hardly In My Teens
I Went To School On Many A Day With Faded Old Blue Jeans
The Patches They Were Many The Seat Was All Thread Bare
But A Poor Girl Didn’t Notice And A Poor Boy Didn’t Care


A Poor Boy Don’t Have No Money A Poor Boy Don’t Have No Dough
Give A Poor Boy A Pretty Little Girl And Watch That Poor Boy Go
He’s The Backbone Of The Nation The Pappy Of The Land
With A Two Buck Loan He’ll Build Him A Home
And Raise Him A Poor Boy Clan

Instrumental Break: A – E – E7 – A – A

His Worries They Are Many His Pleasures Are But Few
But That Don’t Worry A Poor Boy His Pappy Had ‘Em Too
His Livin’ Don’t Come Easy He Has To Sweat It Out
But He’d Rather Be A Poor Boy Than A Wealty Gad-a-bout

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break: Bb – Bb – A – A

If It Wasn’t For The Poor Boy A Lot Would Go Un-done
The Plough Would Never Furrow Or The Mill Would Never Run
There Wouldn’t Be No Taters There Wouldn’t Be No Beans
The Rich Would All Be Poor Boys In Faded Old Blue Jeans

Repeat Chorus

Jika kamu pingin belajar mainin lagunya Stonewall Jackson, termasuk chord gitar Life of a Poor Boy.
Kamu bisa belajar dengan mengikuti kursus, masuk sekolah musik, datengin guru untuk les privat bahkan bisa juga dengan cara otodidak.
Untuk dasarnya kamu bisa belajar C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. Selain kunci tadi, nanti bisa dimodif dikit.

Jangan lupa selalu latihan untuk mainin gitar lagu Life of a Poor Boy. Awal-awal mungkin susah, semoga setelah terbiasa, nanti kamu bisa menguasai semua lagu Stonewall Jackson

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