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Jika kamu nyariin kunci chord gitar untuk lagu She Says, kamu berada di halaman yang tepat.
Kamu bisa mainin She Says yang dinyanyiin oleh Howie Day pake gitar yang kamu suka.

Chord lagu She Says punya ritme dan masuk dalam album Australia (2000).
Di website ini, kamu juga bisa dapetin chord lain, seperti chord lagu jazz, chord lagu country, pop, rock, dll.

Kunci Gitar She Says oleh Howie Day

Keep in mind that Howie Day uses a very unique strumming pattern, and you need to
listen the song to get it right. Try doing some hammer ons when switching between
Cadd9 to C Cmaj7, and from Asus2 to Am to Asus4. I think Howie uses them (depending
on which version of “She Says” you are listening to.) For the chorus, the chords
are placed roughly the word that you should be singing when you hit them, but it’s
not perfect.
Good Luck!

Chords Used


Intro:(use same stumming pattern as verse below)

Verse: (with general strumming pattern, but listen to song for rhythm)



Verse One:

Sweet is the sight
Of her room
Window open by candlelight
How would you know?
Cold winter on the shore
Chills the dress she wore
It’s on the floor
Still it feels so warm…today

Pre-Chorus:(start by still strumming the last C from verse 1)

And that’s why I’m wondering why you had to tell me

What’s going on in her head, what’s wrong,

Come around to another time when you don’t have to run


And when she says she wants somebody else

I hope you know that she doesn’t mean you and

When she breaks down and makes a sound

You’ll never hear her the way that I do

And when she says she wants someone to love

I hope you know that she doesn’t mean you

And when she breaks down and lets you down

I hope you know she doesn’t mean you

Outro: (back to verse)

Em F C Em F –> Begin Verse

Verse Two:

Swing into flight
Over hills…
Over her hills, it’s twilight
Yeah, I guess that’s right now
While were here
Tell me why it’s so funny
That you’re so funny when you’re mad
Always so mad…so mad


Interlude: (after second chorus)

Yeah and I don’t know where
Come and find me
I don’t know what
We’re coming to and
I don’t know what
It means to me and
You don’t know what

G Am --> --> (strum once each) --> Em F

It means to you

(Howie moans and mumbles a bit after the last line of the interlude, and he continutes
the Em F G Am sequence, but I didn’t include that.)

Then Howie wraps it up with the intro one more time

Jika kamu pingin belajar mainin lagunya Howie Day, termasuk chord gitar She Says.
Kamu bisa belajar dengan mengikuti kursus, masuk sekolah musik, datengin guru untuk les privat bahkan bisa juga dengan cara otodidak.
Untuk dasarnya kamu bisa belajar C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. Selain kunci tadi, nanti bisa dimodif dikit.

Jangan lupa selalu latihan untuk mainin gitar lagu She Says. Awal-awal mungkin susah, semoga setelah terbiasa, nanti kamu bisa menguasai semua lagu Howie Day

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